After completing the school air conditioning project in 2019, the P&C embarked on a strategic planning process to determine its priorities from 2020 to 2023. The strategic plan was developed in consultation with the Yeronga State School (YSS) P&C, the school leadership team, and the wider school community.

The strategic plan will guide future decision making by the YSS P&C and provides a set of values, principles and objectives that underpin decisions around management, operations and budget. The plan has been developed using a co-design approach that supports meaningful community engagement and enables robust input to guide the strategic direction of the P&C.

The following key methods were used in this approach including:

  1. A P&C community survey to establish key priorities for students, staff, P&C leadership and the wider community
  2. P&C monthly meetings
  3. A co-designed strategic workshop with key stakeholders.

YSS faces a number of challenges in the next three years with a growing student population, the impact of COVID-19 on operations, management and activities, and the need to ensure adequate infrastructure to support future growth. YSS aims to incorporate the knowledge and ideas represented by the many cultures and backgrounds of its staff, students and families.


The following key priorities have been identified as a result of exploring the opportunities and challenges – see Appendix A in the Strategic Plan document (right) for a full list of priorities. The key priorities are underpinned by the vision, objectives and principles articulated by our community and captured in the strategic plan. They also foster an innovative and forward thinking approach to decision making and help to strengthen the position of the P&C over the next three years.

Short term

1. Develop a business plan to support:

  • financial decisions
  • succession planning
  • additional paid positions where identified as needed
  • volunteer appeal, continuity and ongoing support

2. Ensure ongoing grounds maintenance and upgrades to facilities (such as play areas, gardens, ‘old netball courts’ oval)

Short-medium term

3. Future proof YOSHC by developing and licencing new space. Continue to explore:

  • Renovating L and/or F Block
  • Lobbying/continued liaison with Department of Education for dental building renovation works and planning for a new school hall to be prioritised – vital infrastructure for school growth–Department of Education

4. Support development of additional Nature Play areas

  • Continue to implement Nature Play Masterplan projects
  • Support Nature Play for all ages and abilities

Medium-Long term

5. Plan and budget for additional facilities including sports facilities and a new school hall

6. Secure more paid positions – to ensure the sustainability of the P&C through providing current and future volunteer P&C Executive Committee teams with reliable professional support.