All members of the Yeronga State School community are welcome to attend the P&C’s monthly general meetings. Current P&C members are also permitted to vote on resolutions at P&C meetings. The P&C’s monthly general meetings are held during school terms as follows:

When:  Third Tuesday of the month
Time:    7:00pm
Place:   School Library / Resource Centre.

Meeting process

To ensure our meetings are welcoming, enjoyable and streamlined for those who attend, and to ensure we have a clear process for members to propose P&C support for programs and initiatives, the P&C follows the following meeting processes:

  1. All reports will be circulated to members in writing with the agenda and are taken as read prior to the meeting – these will only be discussed if there are key highlights to bring to the attention of members, or there is a need for members to endorse a proposal:
    • The reports that will be pre-circulated with the agenda include:
      • President’s report
      • Principal report
      • Finance reports
      • Fete/Fun Fair
      • Tuckshop
      • Uniform Shop.

2.  The call for agenda items will be circulated 2 weeks prior to each monthly meeting, and the agenda will be finalised 1 week prior to each P&C meeting.

    • No additional agenda items will be added after the due date for agenda items has closed.
    • All requests for P&C project funding support must be documented using the P&C Project Funding Proposal form and received by the P&C Committee in time to be circulated with the P&C meeting agenda.

Requests for P&C funding support

Proposals for P&C support will be circulated in writing – using the Project Funding Proposal form with the agenda for the meeting at which the proposal will be discussed and voted.

  • Requests for P&C financial support for a program or initiative that has not been included in the annual budget (ie approved by members at the P&C AGM) must be in writing using the P&C Project Funding Proposal form.
  • Proposals for non-budgeted expenditure will only be raised at a P&C meeting when the completed Project Funding Proposal form has been received in time for it to be circulated to members with the meeting agenda, and approved by the Principal to be sent to members.
    • Should the completed form not be received in time to be circulated with the agenda the item will be held over until the following P&C General meeting.