P&Cs in Queensland are governed by the Department of Education. As such, the governance of the Yeronga State School P&C Association is based on two essential Department of Education overarching P&C documents – the Model P&C Constitution and the P&C Accounting Manual. These guide us through the legislative requirements for state school P&Cs in Queensland.

P&Cs Queensland has also produced the P&C Guide – an easy-to-read summary of important information for P&Cs.

P&C executives must also be familiar with the Student Protection Risk Management Strategy, and review and adopt it each year at the AGM.

Yeronga State School P&C Constitution

The Model Constitution is the governing document for state school P&Cs in Queensland. It is produced by the Department of Education and must be followed.

As per Department of Education requirements, the Yeronga State School P&C Association has created a ‘personalised’ constitution for our school.

All members of the P&C Executive should be familiar with the Yeronga State School P&C Association Constitution (2018).

P&C Accounting Manual

The P&C Accounting Manual contains vital information regarding the financial operations of the P&C. This document is essential reading for all P&C treasurers and recommended for other P&C executive officers.

P&C Guide

The P&C Guide is an invaluable resource for the Yeronga State School P&C Association, as it provides essential information to support our volunteer executive committee team to effectively manage our Association.

The Guide describes the roles of P&C members and officers, the legal framework that a P&C operates within and the activities a P&C can undertake. It also provides advice on keeping records, running meetings and ensuring that the P&C operates in a way that is professional, friendly and supportive. The Guide is intended to provide general information for P&Cs. More detail is included in the Constitution and the Accounting Manual.

Student Protection Risk Management Strategy

The Student Protection Risk Management Strategy identifies the role and obligations of volunteers and P&C employees while conducting business within a school. The document is based on a number of policies and legislation as outlined in the Strategy and should not be altered. It should be reviewed annually and endorsed at our P&C AGM.

P&C Organisation Chart

P&C Executive: YOSHC Approved Provider

The Yeronga State School P&C Executive Committee is the Approved Provider of the Yeronga Outside School Hours Care (YOSHC) service.

As the Approved Providers of YOSHC, all members of the P&C Executive Committee must hold a Business Blue Card which is signed by a ‘prescribed person’ (ie JP, Commissioner for Declarations, Lawyer or Police Officer). Usually a fee is charged for this blue card, however, Blue Card Services will waive this fee when a ‘Waive Fee Statutory Declaration’ is provided together with the blue card business application.

All P&C Executive members must also complete a Declaration of fitness and propriety (P02) form.

As the Approved Providers of YOSHC, members of the P&C Executive have responsibilities and obligations as individuals under the National Law. These responsibilities and obligations cannot be shifted nor delegated. YOSHC operates under the National Quality Framework (NQF) and the National Law describes the practices, requirements, documentation, materials, information and policies that must be developed and maintained by OSHC services: