Our P&C is led by parents who take on the following honorary roles to lead the P&C Association, which includes overseeing the operations of the P&C’s business units (Tuckshop, Uniform Shop and YOSHC) and all activities profiled within this website. P&C Committees are ably supported by a professional staff team.

Executive Role descriptions (attend monthly P&C meetings):

Full role descriptions for P&C Executive roles are available in the P&C Guide. Briefly, the responsibilities for each role are:

President: Jack of all trades. Good communication, organisation and leadership skills. Able to delegate to others and see things from many points of view. Able to chair meetings in a timely and respectful manner. Ultimately responsible for YOSHC as Licensee, supported by a great YOSHC team, Finance Coordinator and Administrator, and overseeing most P&C activities.

Vice-Presidents: Up to three VP’s support the President to build strong relationships with staff and volunteers in the Tuckshop, Uniform Shop and fundraising, events and communication. VP’s support the President and step into that role on occasions if required.

Treasurer: Responsible for budgeting, financial reporting, approving online payments (wages, invoices, reimbursements), close liaison with the P&C/YOSHC Finance Officer (a paid Non-Executive role). Accounting qualifications are highly desirable.

Minutes Secretary: Coordinates the agenda for each meeting, takes the minutes for monthly meetings and sends them out to our members. Monitors the P&C email account and assists the President to respond to inquiries, and ensures annual P&C update documentation is completed and sent to the Department of Education after the AGM.

Non-Executive Role Descriptions (attendance at monthly P&C meetings welcome but not essential):

Correspondence Secretary: Responsible for collecting and collating P&C contributions for the fortnightly school newsletter by liaising with all P&C businesses and stakeholders via email. Responsible for collecting P&C mail on a regular basis and distributing as appropriate. Also responsible for monitoring and logging all emails into the official P&C email account.

Communications coordinator: Supports the President to monitor and post updates for P&C social media communication, particularly Facebook, and potentially organising weekly wrap up emails to go out to the Parent Rep Co-ordinator.

Events coordinator: Someone who can round up and schedule people who are the doers. The Events Coordinator looks at the calendar of events and ensures we have a coordinator for events such as snow cone days, Easter raffles, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls, fun runs etc.

Fete convenor: A person/people we are in awe of. We need a person/people who love creating and managing events who can assemble and lead a team to start preparations for our 2021 Fete – always a highlight on the school calendar.