Grillex School Makeover promotion – help us makeover the YSS grade 1 playground

Please help our grade 1 kids to win new ‘Grillex‘ seating to make their new playground area more comfortable and appealing, and to encourage kids and families to connect – entries close 5:00pm on 29 November.

It only takes a couple of minutes to enter and the more entries submitted for YSS the better our chances of winning. Just head to, click ‘enter now’, and follow the prompts to submit your entry – enter your contact details and 100 words about how you’d like to help our school to win. You’re welcome to copy and paste the below wording into your entry, or edit, amend and be as creative as you like!

Our grade 1 kids need new Grillex seating and products around their playground to facilitate community building between children and families. The space is open and exposed around the playground where kids play and parents wait for their kids to finish school. There is one buddy bench in the area and extra seating will enable lots more children to meet and sit together at break times. Creating a more comfortable space will also support community building between parents and children through offering a more comfortable place for parents to connect and supervise their children before and after school. Please Grillex help us to enhance these important connections for our children and community.

There are two ways we can all boost YSS’s chances of being the lucky winner:

  1. Grillex recommends getting together some creative students to design our outdoor make-over, and sending their design/s with a photo of space we wish make-over to – attached are some photos of the playground for inspiration.
  2. Let other people from our school know about the competition. Each person can enter once, so please share this competition to your YSS friends and family to boost the chance of our school being selected as the winner. Let’s all put our entries in at!

There may even be other Grillex products you’d like to include in your entry – any product on the Grillex website can be incorporated into the final design. See right for photos of the grade 1 playground you can download and email to to help increase Yeronga State School’s chances of winning.