The P&C runs our school tuckshop which is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8.00am until 1.45pm.

Break Times

1st break 11.00—11.45am – 15 minutes of eating time

2nd break 1.15—1.45pm – 10 minutes of eating time

How to order

Our preferred way of ordering is via Flexischools, which is super easy for parents and carers. Orders can also be made over the counter at the Tuckshop.

To set up a Flexischools account please visit or call 1300 361 769. Online orders must be submitted by 8.00am on the day to which the order applies. Orders can be taken over the Tuckshop counter until 9:00am.

Junior School Procedures

  1. Order using one of the two methods outlined above (, or over the counter 8:00am to 9:00am).
  2. Lunch is delivered to class by Tuckshop monitors.
  3. Prep and Year 1 are NOT permitted to purchase over the counter.

Senior School Procedures

Same as for Junior School except Years 2—6 ARE permitted to purchase over the counter from the Snack, Frozen Snack and Drinks menu in both 1st and 2nd breaks.

Current menu

Click image below for full menu. Items may be subject to change.  Please refer to Flexischools for the most up to date lunch options available to order.  

Tuckshop Menu

Our menu is a smart choice

The YSS Tuckshop menu observes the Smart Choices Strategy of Education Queensland. It ensures that our menus provide healthy food and drink choices for our kids. For more detailed information please visit Queensland Association of School Tuckshops Inc.

Most of the meals prepared in the tuckshop are made fresh each day by volunteers. We pride ourselves on offering a healthy and delicious menu but we need many volunteers to do it!

Frequently asked questions

Why can sushi only be purchased online?

The school encourages your child’s main meal to be eaten at 1st Break. Orders need to be finalised early so they can be prepared by our supplier.

Why is hot food only available at first break?

As first break is our main eating time and volunteers only work in the tuckshop in the morning.

My child has food allergies, can they use the tuckshop?

We want every child to be able to order every day. Please come and talk to us at the tuckshop so we can source alternatives according to your child’s needs.

Can I add or subtract things from an order?

Feel free to substitute sauces or subtract ingredients, but please not add. This makes it very difficult when preparing meals in the tuckshop.

How can I volunteer to help?

Email us at

Just a few of our terrific Tuckshop volunteers

Orders packed and ready to go!

Our Tuckshop team gets into the spirit of the
day for the special ‘May the Fourth’ promotion
for all the Star Wars fans in our community.

Our Tuckshop team



Our Tuckshop is led by Tracy Holroyd (Convenor), and Stacey Kerr (Assistant Convenor). 

Tracy & Stacey would love to hear from you if you have a couple of hours you would like to volunteer for the Tuckshop from 9.00-11.00am on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, or if you are able to bake some ever-popular muffins:


Volunteers are our superheroes!

Our Tuckshop team enjoys entertaining our school and community with dress ups for special days throughout the year.  You too can join in the fun!