What is YOSHC?

Yeronga Outside School Hours Care (YOSHC) is a community based childcare service licensed by the Yeronga State School P&C Association. We aim to provide an environment in which children’s physical, emotional and social needs are met in a safe, caring and supportive way, which children’s interests being the paramount concern.

YOSHC provides a caring and safe environment from a child’s first day of school (including before school care on that day) until the last day of holiday care in their final year of grade 6. Only students who fall into this time frame will be permitted to attend Yeronga OSHC.

We help children learn through positive experiences and help them to foster personal responsibility. Our focus is on play based learning, with the promotion of the development of life skills and the fostering of a child’s sense of being. YOSHC also recognises middle childhood as an important developmental stage and we encourage children to gain (or experience) the basic skills and motivations to support them in becoming confident and valuable members of the YOSHC community.

Family involvement is also important in our service; we encourage a harmonious relationship between all stakeholders involved in the care of our children. We believe our children have the right to be happy, the right to be safe, the right to hear and be heard, and the right to learn.

YOSHC works to:

  • Provide all children with a safe, secure and inclusive environment by taking a collaborative approach utilising the special skills and expertise of our families, community and staff;
  • Help children to equip themselves with the life skills needed to be active members of the community through appropriate programming and activities;
  • Provide a secure, stimulating environment for staff who share their talents and their time with us;
  • Recognise and promote the value of play and recreational activities which meet the developmental needs and interests of all children;
  • Teach children by example to have the responsibility to show respect to others and their property; and
  • Provide ongoing professional development to all staff on issues relating to the care and wellbeing of the children.

YOSHC Advisory Committee

The YOSHC leadership team is supported by the Yeronga State School P&C Association YOSHC Advisory Committee, with members including parent volunteers and the YOSHC Director. The goals of the Committee are to:

  • bring about closer co-operation between the parents of children participating in YOSHC and staff.
  • facilitate effective communication and distribution of accurate information.
  • assist YOSHC staff.
  • coordinate support for YOSHC children and staff.
  • facilitate the effective participation of children and families in YOSHC.
  • provide advice and recommendations to the Director/s of YOSHC on issues and concerns in respect of children and YOSHC.

Visit the YOSHC website here.

YOSHC is open every school day of the year, including student free days and school holidays (closed on all
public holidays).

Before and After School Care Hours
Monday – Friday
7:00-8:45am | 3:00-6:00pm

Student Free Day & Holiday Care Hours
Monday – Friday


The YOSHC office and headquarters are connected to
the school hall, located near the tuckshop and library.

p   3426 0361
m 0400 695 585
f    3426 0362
w  www.yoshc.com
e   yoshc@live.com.au