The YSS Tuckshop is operated by the P&C. Opening days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, during term – first and second breaks.


Our menu is designed to provide healthier food choices for students.  Many of the items on our menu are made “in-house”, from fresh ingredients to provide the best flavour and nutritional value.  If you have any menu ideas, please feel free to contact us.

Special dietary requirements

We can cater for children with special dietary needs if advised in advance.   We always have gluten-free, egg-free and vegetarian options available.  All meals are nut-free.

Whilst we attempt to avoid any allergy foods in our cooking, traces may be found in foods during the manufacturing process.  It is important to include all food allergies and sensitivities in student’s orders.

How to order

To reduce food wastage, all meals must be ordered online via Flex school before 8am or at the tuckshop in person before 9am. We offer cash and EFTPOS facilities.  Only a few items are for sale over the counter where students can purchase iceblocks, slushies, drinks, muffins and popcorn over the counter at both breaks, during playtime.

Orders are online, through (there is an app available). Order cut off time is 8:00am each day, except for Sushi Days which is one (1) day prior.

We ONLY prepare food that has been ordered as this minimises food wastage.

Occasionally, there is a problem with a student’s tuckshop order.  For example, ordered on the incorrect day, all ordered at one break, not ordered at all, put in the wrong class box.  We ask that students come directly to the tuckshop to investigate and resolve the issue.  Most problems can be remedied immediately.  If students do not have any tuckshop ordered and no lunch from home, tuckshop staff will send students to the office, so parents can be contacted before we provide food – this is to ensure food is paid for and that appropriate food is supplied.


Our tuckshop can only exist if we have volunteers, and therefore, we welcome you to join in on the fun of being a tuckshop volunteer. We have a very friendly and fun environment and working in your child tuckshop is a Fabolous opportunity to meet other parents in the school. You will also have the bonus of seeing the enjoyment on your child’s face when you are serving them from behind the counter.

Volunteers are rostered on twice a term from 9am- 11.30am Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday and you choose which day suits you.

No experience is needed, some of our tasks

  • making muffins
  •  cutting up fruit salad
  • making sandwiches
  • packing orders
  • washing up
  •  making jelly cups

Come in and have a chat and a cup of coffee or tea. You can contact Tracy by email or come in at the tuckshop after 8am and have a chat.

If you are not a parent of a student in the school, you will require a Blue Card to volunteer in the Tuckshop and to sign in and out at the main office.


Need some birthday treats for the classroom? Tuckshop is here to help!

If you would like the Tuckshop to provide something for your child’s class, all we require is 2 days’ notice.

– ice blocks (TNT sour)

-set of cookies – double choc chip  (approx. 9cm)

It is important to remember to let us know a couple of days ahead – so that extra supplies can be ordered if required.  It is also essential to contact your classroom teacher to inform them of your order and they can arrange for the birthday child’s order to be collected from the Tuckshop on the day.  The Tuckshop does not deliver to the classroom.